Updated COVID protocols as of November 8, 2021.

As we continue to navigate the ever unfolding COVID pandemic, we thank you for your prayers, patience, and support as we work to keep you informed of all the pieces to help us build the puzzle of an incredible year for our students, staff and families.

As we continue through the school year, we wanted to update you on masking, quarantine, simultaneous learning,  illness, and our layers of safety.

Hello Falcon Families!

At a recent Task Force meeting, we decided to make two significant revisions to our current policies.  First, we are adopting the “Mask to Stay, Test to Play” guidelines as set forth by the Ohio Department of Health.  Second, we are reducing our 72-hour symptom free policy to a 48-hour symptom free policy.  Please review the following information for more details on both revisions.

Please remember that existing best practices of layering mitigation strategies should continue to be utilized to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and keep our children in school and our community safe.  Primarily, we continue to strongly implore our families to mask at school.  Masking both reduces transmission of Covid-19 and reduces the risk of your student having to quarantine should he or she be a close contact of someone who is positive for Covid-19.  As well, we will maintain our current practice of social distancing and encourage all who are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mask to Stay, Test to Play

Please review the attached Mask to Stay, Test to Play policy and Flow-Chart.  Some important highlights include:

  • The policy only applies to school-related exposure only.  This includes lunch, recess, and school-sponsored extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs.  When the exposure setting is a true classroom setting that takes place during the school day, Mask to Stay guidance can be followed.
  • In order to participate in any extracurricular activities, including CYO sports, Student Council, play practice, etc., the Test to Play guidelines must be met.
  • Exposures during school-related sports or after school activities are eligible for the Mask to Stay, Test to Play quarantine alternative.  These requirements are specific to individuals who otherwise would be subject to quarantine.
  • Families do have access to Rapid, proctored, tests on our SFdS campus and your family can request one by contacting Mrs. Zushin.

48-Hour Symptom-Free Policy

At this time, we are requiring a 48-hour symptom-free without medication policy for Covid-19 symptoms.  Thus, for all symptoms, your child may return to school when a 48-hour period of time passes in which the are unmedicated no longer experiencing the symptom.  This includes all symptoms.

We still ask that even if Covid-19 is ruled out by your child’s physician that you keep your child home from school until symptoms are mostly cleared or they are deemed to be not contagious by a medical professional.

Additionally, we still require that if any person in your home is being tested for Covid-19 due to an exposure that is not school-related, students who live in that home must also stay home from school until the results of that test are found to be negative.

Please know that both of these policy changes will constantly be reevaluated and may change at any point.

As always, please reach out to myself, Mrs. Goshe or Mrs. Zushin with any questions you may have.

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