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February 19, 2019

February 19, 2018

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend! I loved seeing all the parent volunteers last week at the Valentine’s Day parties. I look forward to more celebrations like this in the future.

This week kindergarten and first grade are learning about a new unthinkable character! Remember the unthinkables are the thoughts that challenge our brains from doing our best. Rock brain is on the loose in the halls of SFdS this week! He was hiding in our falcons’ brains.

Warning signs for rock brain:

  • He tries to get you stuck on doing only what you want to do.
  • He will not let you compromise with others.
  • He will try to force you to make bad choices.
  • He will get you to try one solution that’s not working over and over again.
  • He does not think about others.

Ask your falcons what kind of problems we solved in your child’s classroom guidance lesson. Check out the picture of rock brain below and some tips on how to defeat him.


Miss Schneider

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