Grandparents Day

Grandparent/Grandfriend Day

November 20, 2018

We hope to share with these special people how we are Climbing the Heights to Sainthood!

Grandparents/Grandfriends are cordially invited to attend St. Francis de Sales Parish School’s Grandparent/Grandfriend Day on Tuesday, November 20.

Students whose last name begins with A through L will have their grandparent/grandfriend attend the morning session from 9:00a -10:30a.

Students whose last name begins with M through Z will have their grandparent/grandfriend attend the afternoon session from 1:00p – 2:30p.

If you have af Pre-School Student, they are all welcome to join us in the morning session since they will be at school then, no matter last name.  If you are a parent of a Pre-K student, you may pick the morning or afternoon session to attend for your child and their grandparent/grandfriend since it is not their assigned day.

We ask that you please stay to your assigned time. We understand if there are multiple grandchildren with a last name in opposite parts of the alphabet.  In that situation, please select either session. If you have another reason for needing to change times, please email Julianne Goshe to discuss. We ask that you complete the RSVP for your child’s grandparents/grandfriends, as many grandparents don’t know the information needed for the form and we don’t want to ask them to make food for their special day.  Remember parents are asked to stay home that day, so as to make it a special time with their grandparent/grandfriend, but we understand if you might need to come to assist a grandparent. Please know that we also always offer a space of the activities happening all over the building on our main floor for those grandparents/friends unable to negotiate the stairs in our building.

Of course we could always use more parent volunteers, so if you would like to to help that day and have not already signed up, please email Julianne Goshe. 

We are also asking for help with food donations for this day. If you are able to help please indicate by checking Yes in that section on the RSVP. If you agree to donate food items, someone will be in contact with you by November 14, via email, to share what is needed and when we need it.

RSVP’s are due no later than Tuesday, November 13. This date is vey important so that we can plan appropriately for food, purchase supplies for projects/activites, and create lists for teachers. Once you RSVP, we will send a confirmation email that will have a link to the printable invite. We will close registration on November 13 at 11:00p.

To RSVP your grandparents/grandfriends for this event, register below.

Here is the invitation you can print and give to grandparents/grandfriends.
After you print, please remember to:
1.  Put grandchild(ren)/grandfriend name under where it says: You will be joining
2.  Place the correct time on the line for them where it says: From. The correct times are 9:00-10:30 for students whose last name begins with A through L and 1:00 – 2:30 for students whose last name begins with M through Z, unless you have contacted Julianne Goshe and confirmed a switch.

*If your child does not have a grandparent or grandfriend who can attend this event, they will be permitted to become an “adopted” grandchild of a classmate. Please email Julianne Goshe regarding this request.