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January 8, 2019

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I hope that everyone is feeling refreshed and getting back into the swing of things after a long break! This month we are starting the year off right with a lesson on perspective taking. I will be presenting this lesson in grades 4th through 8th, modifying them for each grade level.

Perspective taking is my favorite social skill, but also the most difficult to teach. The ability to see a situation from someone else’s eyes is quite challenging. In social situations, it can be very trying to see another person’s perspective because we get so wrapped up in our own thoughts and feelings about the experience. Perspective taking is one of the most beneficial skills we can cultivate in our children. The ability to see things from different perspectives will make children more compassionate, flexible and understanding.

I try to provide my students with real life examples of what perspective taking looks like. Below I have attached a picture of Perspective Pete to help my 4th graders better understand what perspective taking is.

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