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November 19


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Here at St. Francis de Sales we are practicing mindfulness!  But what is mindfulness? Mindfulness means being present in the moment with your mind, your thoughts, and the environment around you. Sometimes we get so caught up with thinking about the future or the past. Thinking about the future too much might mean feeling worried about a test coming up. Thinking about the past too much could mean feeling upset with how you performed at a soccer game last night or wishing you did something different on your quiz. Mindfulness helps us take those worries away. Instead, by being mindful, we focus on right now.

It’s important we teach students how to slow down. Practicing mindfulness can help kids learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and concentration. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress as well as increase one’s ability to regulate emotions and feel compassion and empathy.

It’s really about getting students to reflect on their own thoughts and actions and learning how to make better choices for themselves and for others as well. So in our technology-based world where everybody is connected, we talk to students about the importance of self-regulation and learning how their brains work so they might react less emotionally and more rationally in situations, and understand that they can be in control of themselves and their actions.


Miss Lauren Schneider, M.Ed.
Professional School Counselor
St. Francis de Sales

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