Falcon Family Network

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The mission of the Falcon Family Network (FFN) is to assist, promote, and support St. Francis de Sales School by enhancing our student’s educational experiences.


  • Promote communication between home and school
  • Demonstrate faith-in-action by offering our time and talents in service to the school
  • Develop and conduct fundraising events for the benefit of the students
  • Enrich academics through our support of academic initiatives
  • Create connections between school families through social events

Attached you will find a list of volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year. Use this list as your guide to help discern in what ways you can serve our students and school.  We are always in need of volunteers, so don’t be shy!

To sign up for a committee, please complete the volunteer portion in the online forms at the start of the school year.  Keep this copy, in the event later in the year you would like to sign up for a committee at a later date.

FFN Meeting Dates:

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month.  When cancellations arise, we try to give ample notice through the weekly Eblast.  

The Weekly Eblast:

This email goes to every parent that submits their email using the online forms!  This Eblast contains a wealth of information for parents, including FFN updates and events.  Please be sure to submit the correct email (check for typos) when you fill out your form.  If both parents have a separate email, it is sometimes best to submit both! If you have not received an Eblast by the end of September, please notify the office so they can verify the email address that you submitted.  

    • President
    • Charlene Maas
    • Vice-President
    • Kristie Elsass
    • Treasurer
    • Michelle Sovacool
    • Secretary
    • Julie Magaw
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      • *FFN-Expense Reimbursement
      • *FFN-Deposit Summary Form