Scrip Program

Help the school earn money when you make everyday purchases like gas, groceries, clothing, gifts, movies, and more.

St. Francis de Sales Scrip Program

Scrip Order Form

St. Francis de Sales Scrip Program

What is Scrip?                                   

Scrip simply means “substitute money”; you purchase gift cards from us to use at your favorite retailers and restaurants. They are not just for gifts!

Scrip is the rare fundraiser that involves no selling, requires no time and costs you nothing! We all want to support our wonderful school, and by purchasing Scrip cards for items you already intend to purchase, you make a donation to the school without an extra penny leaving your pocket.

By partnering with the Great Lakes Scrip Center, our school is able to purchase gift cards at a slightly reduced rate. The school then sells the cards at full face value, thereby building a donation right into your everyday purchases. Groceries, gasoline, dining out, clothing, gifts, a trip to the movies… you can make a portion of all of these expenses a donation to our school by making those purchases with a Scrip gift card.

How does it add up?

Based on per week expenses and an average of 4% earnings, the chart below shows our earning potential over the period of one year:

Number of Families Average Weekly Scrip Purchase per Family Earnings to St. Francis at Average of 4%
236 $100 $49,088
236 $150 $73,632
236 $200 $98,176


What cards are available?

You can purchase Scrip for over 750 retailers as physical cards, electronic, and reloadable gift cards with profit percentages from 1% to 25%  including:

In Stock Cards – 2020                           Scrip_Order_Form – October, 2020

We carry local retailers such as Acme, Giant Eagle, Honeymoon Grille, Handel’s Ice Cream, and Menches Brothers, which can be purchased in the church or school offices.

View the list of in-stock cards here.

Visit for a complete list of available gift cards.

How do I get cards?

There are 3 ways to get Scrip cards:

  1. ONLINE: Many of the cards are available as an ecard that can be purchased and used instantly from your smartphone. You will need to set up an account on and register for online payments. It takes only a few moments. You may email us at to obtain the enrollment code.
  2. IN PERSON: You may stop in to the school or rectory offices during regular business hours to purchase any of the cards we have in stock. See that listing here.
  3. ORDER FORM: Pink order forms come home regularly with St. Francis de Sales students in their Thursday folders or access it here. You may send the order form and payment to school with your student, and it will be filled and sent home with your student the following Thursday. If you don’t have a student at St. Francis, you may drop your order form at the rectory and we will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. Again, orders submitted via the pink form are filled and sent home on Thursdays. Any cards not in stock are ordered and sent home the following Thursday.

How else can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers to help on the Scrip committee. We have plenty of opportunities to help from selling Scrip cards at events, helping fill weekly orders and more. Any amount of help is appreciated, even if it’s just once a month, or once a year. Email us at for more information.


You may email Mandy Hercules or Corinne Bettle at with any questions or comments. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any help setting up your online account.