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Happy Friday!

Thank you everyone who came to open house last night! I enjoyed meeting all of you and our newest students!!! If you were unable to attend last night, please e-mail me so I can send you a copy of our handbook, snack calendar and a student snapshot form. Please work on getting all medical forms into Mrs. Lloyd ASAP. If you did not bring in your supplies last night please send them in the first week of school! Everyone have a fun labor day weekend, I am looking forward to seeing all of the students for their first day on Tuesday September 5th!








Mrs. Gilbert

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Next week for our first week we will focus on getting to know each other, learning classroom rules and routines, as well as expected behaviors inside and outside of the classroom.

Snack Schedule

Updated on 09-01-2017 at 8:22am.

We have a rotating snack schedule that goes out monthly. On your snack day please bring snack for the class (12 students are in our Preschool class), juice is optional. I will provide snack for the first week of school for all classes. Check your student's folder for the snack calendar after their first day of school. The calendar is rotated alphabetically, except for birthdays. For birthdays students may bring a special snack to share. For summer birthdays we will celebrate on their half birthday so each student gets special recognition throughout the year. For example: if they have a birthday on June 1st, we will celebrate their birthday on December 1st. 

Please note that we have 12 students now not 13 there was a mistake on the class lists between Preschool and Pre-K.

Tuesday Sept. 5th- Mrs. Gilbert 

Thursday Sept. 7th- Greenlee Collins 

Tuesday Sept. 12th- Reed Stanfield

Thursday Sept. 14th- Bridget Drensky 

Tuesday Sept. 19th- Liam Edmonds

Thursday Sept. 21st- Kate Goshe

Tuesday Sept. 26th- Happy Birthday Brendan!!!

Thursday Sept. 28th Happy Birthday Crosby!!!

Upcoming Events

Open House:Thursday August 31st (5-6 pm Preschool families)

First Day of Pre-K: Tuesday September 5th  



School Supply List:

Preschool and Pre-K Class

Supply List


1 Bookbag 

1 24-pack of crayons

5 glue sticks

1 Elmer's liquid glue bottle

1 highlighter (any color)

1 extra change of clothes (labeled in a bag with student's name)

-with clothes please include change of socks and underwear in case of accidents

1 plastic folder with pockets

1 container of playdough (any color)

1 extra t shirt for painting (label with student's name)

1 container of clorox wipes

1 box of quart size ziplocs (Preschool)

1 box of gallon size bags (Pre-K)

1 package of baby wipes

2 rolls of paper towels

1 box of graham crackers

$6 for Scholastic magazines

1 plastic folder for music (Pre-K full day only)

**Supplies do not need to be marked with student’s names, all supplies will be in caddies on the tables. This will allow us to distribute new supplies as needed throughout the year. Supplies will be collected during the parent night/open house.

Class List


  1. Greenlee Collins
  2. Bridget Drensky
  3. Liam Edmonds
  4. Brendan Effinger
  5. Kate Goshe
  6. Madelyn Linder
  7. Annalise Lute
  8. Milani McKinney
  9. Sophia Pfahler
  10. Crosby Stanfield
  11. Reed Stanfield
  12. Luke Vought 

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Open House: The Open House is listed on the school calendar for Thursday August 31st from 5-7pm. I ask that Preschool parents attend from 5-6 pm and Pre-K parents attend from 6-7pm. I will be speaking for a few minutes at the begining of each session, I will also have a copy of our classroom handbook containing a lot of important information about the school year. I will be available to answer any questions as well. If you are unable to attend the open house and have questions please e-mail me at Looking forward to a great school year!!!

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