Updated COVID protocols as of August 17, 2021.

As we continue to navigate the ever unfolding COVID pandemic, we thank you for your prayers, patience, and support as we work to keep you informed of all the pieces to help us build the puzzle of an incredible year for our students, staff and families.

As we approach the first day of school, we wanted to update you on masking, quarantine, simultaneous learning,  illness, and our layers of safety.


Our policy remains that masking is optional. We remind you that our policy matches Summit County Public health recommendations that wearing a mask indoors, is strongly recommended for adults and children, especially those who are not fully vaccinated. COVID mitigation in schools is always about layers of protection. We are continuing to implement the multiple layers and strategies we used last year including:  temperature taking upon entrance, 3ft or more distancing in classrooms, 72 hours symptom free policy for COVID symptoms, cohorts for recess and other activities,  regular hand washing and sanitizing, regular cleaning of commonly used surfaces, water bottles and water bottle fillers only, individual supplies and containers for supplies in the classrooms, distanced seating and a special air filtration unit in the cafeteria, contact tracing and reporting of COVID cases,  working closely with Summit County Public Health, and other items  listed in our COVID page of the website.

Along with these COVID keeper layers and strategies, we will also pivot to other layers of protection (ie. separate lunch rooms, teacher switching class instead of students, etc…) if the need arises. As we looked at specific situations throughout our school day and week, we have deemed it safest to add the masking layer in specific situations.

Situations where masks will be required include the following:

  • When riding buses to and from school or for field trips (federal mandate for public transportation);

  • During Dismissal for both car riders and bus riders;

  • In settings, where distance and/or ventilation are questionable (This may include class transitions, whole school Mass, small group work, or larger group gatherings);

  • If someone is a fully-vaccinated close contact that is able to return to school (masking indoors for a specific number of days as stated on graphic below).

*Please be sure, even if you are choosing not to have your child mask at school, that they have a mask with them, for the above listed times. 


As you determine if your child will mask in the non-required times at school, it is important you are familiar with our quarantine policies, issued by Summit County Public Health, that we are required to follow.

Here is the infographic to help you understand the quarantine policy:


As you look at this graphic, please note that since we are offering masks as optional, the only way an unvaccinated person who has become a close contact in school will NOT be required to quarantine, is if they have been wearing a mask consistently indoors throughout the entire school day. The minimum number of days for quarantine is 7 days with a negative PCR test and a maximum of 10 days without. Please understand that all members of our school community will be required to abide by this quarantine policy, and by signing the Acknowledgement Form, you agree, that if you receive a call that your child is a close contact, our nurse or administrators will inform you of the above protocols related to your student and their situation.

Simultaneous Learning

Due to fully in-person learning this year, we will only be offering simultaneous learning to students who are at home in isolation due to being COVID positive or students who are quarantined because of being a close contact of a COVID positive person. Our school nurse or administration will share with you the specific number of quarantine days, start day of simultaneous learning, and return to school date. Please note that in all situations where simultaneous learning is permitted, the school will offer our staff one day to prepare to have a simultaneous learner.  This means that there is no same day call off and sign on to simultaneous learning this year.  Please also note that simultaneous learning is different at each  developmental level and our teachers will serve as your family’s guide on how it will work best at each grade level.

Please also keep in mind that the rules implemented last year for simultaneous learners still apply:

  1. Simultaneous learners must be wearing a uniform top.

  2. Simultaneous learners must be seated at a desk or table.

  3. Simultaneous learners must have their screen on at all times and follow the teacher directions on muting.

  4. Simultaneous learners must arrive to class on time or will be marked tardy/absent.

  5. Simultaneous learners must be free from distractions such as, siblings, stuffed animals, family pets, etc… and not show these on the screen unless asked to do so by the teacher.

  6. Simultaneous Learners may not eat on camera.  Water bottles are permitted.

  7. Younger Simultaneous learners will need an adult present to facilitate and support their learning.


Any illness must be reported by 8:15a, by calling the main office or emailing Mrs. Lloyd. Students and parents MAY NOT email their teacher only to inform them of their absence, as our staff is not always able to read those in a timely fashion and forward the communication to Mrs. Lloyd or our school nurse. When you call off, please report any symptoms and our school nurse or an administrator will be calling you back to discuss the next steps.

At this time, we are still requiring a 72 hour symptom free, (without medication) policy for COVID symptoms.  We will not be offering simultaneous learning for short illnesses. We do recognize that every grade level and subject is different and our teaching staff will work with your student and you to make sure that they do not fall behind and also that they have the opportunity to catch up.

There will still be symptoms, such as loss of taste or smell, fever over 100, shortness of breath, and cough, that will require a 10 day absence from school.  In this circumstance, since it is a prolonged absence, students will be able to do simultaneous learning when they are feeling well enough to do so.

You are welcome to take your child to their physician to diagnose other illnesses/rule out COVID and provide us with documentation from them that they are clear to return to school. Please note that even if cleared by a physician, we still ask that a child does not return to school until symptoms are mostly cleared or they are deemed not contagious by medical personnel.

Please know that we will constantly be re-evaluating the length required for symptom free and adjust at any point during the school year.

An important policy to remember for school is that if any person in your home is being tested for COVID, students who live in that home must also stay home from school until the results of that test are found to be negative. When you call your child off for that reason, please know that we will work with you to determine if Simultaneous Learning should take place or other arrangements for work should be made.

If your child is sent to the nurse for illness and needs to be picked up, we ask that you or someone arrive as soon as possible and within at least 30 minutes.

Please be advised that much of what was in place from last year regarding COVID, is still in place this year. Please be sure to go to our COVID page on our website for all policies and procedures. If you have questions or need clarification, please email Mrs. Dougherty or Mrs. Goshe.

Emergency Medical Form and Acknowledgement Form

As it was last year, it is imperative that you complete and have turned in by the first day of school the Emergency Medical Form and the Acknowledgement Form for your child to remain in  attendance. It is important to complete all of the digital forms by the end of the first week of school.

We know that everyone is fatigued from this pandemic, as we here at school are rowing the other oar in the boat.  We also recognize that everyone feels very strongly regarding their point of view on COVID and the layers of protection and mitigation strategies. Please know that we are praying for all of you and every student. Our primary job, as we have done and proven in the past, is to make decisions and implement strategies to keep our students in school so, that while they are here, they can learn how incredibly loved by God they are, grow in a personal relationship with Jesus, and share all that GRACE with your family and the world! Please know that while we respect your personal point of view and believe you are the primary teachers of your children, we have to make decisions for over 300 students and staff and those may not always align with your personal point of view. We ask in those circumstances that you please pray before coming to staff or administration regarding how you will share your concerns or questions and then share those concerns and questions in a respectful and non-confrontational way.  In Scripture, we read the words, do not be afraid or fear, 365 times (one for each day of the year).  We pray for all of us to not to be afraid or discouraged, that God has each of us in the palm of His hand and that He will take care of us today, tomorrow, and always. As St. Paul tells us, faith requires ENDURANCE!  We will make it through this marathon by God’s Grace!

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