Meet the Faculty

You can email your child’s teacher by clicking on the link next to their name.  If you would like to check your child’s progress, please continue to Gradelink and log into your family account.

St. Francis de Sales School Faculty/Staff


Grade Room Teacher / Aide  
Principal Miss Katie Buzzelli msbuzzelli@stfparishschool.org
Preschool / Pre K a Mrs. Christina Gilbert mrsgilbert@stfparishschool.org
K K – a Mrs. Stephanie Griffin mrsgriffin@stfparishschool.org
K K – b Mrs. Eileen Gleixner mrsgleixner@stfparishschool.org
1 1 – a Miss Nicole Hatfield misshatfield@stfparishschool.org
1 1 – b Mrs. Terri Reece mrsreece@stfparishschool.org
2 2 – a Miss Sarah Oskowski missoskowski@stfparishschool.org
2 2 – b Mrs. Judy Rozewicz mrsrozewicz@stfparishschool.org
3 3 – a Mr. Donald Macko mrmacko@stfparishschool.org
3 3 – b Mrs. Amber Ohara mrsohara@stfparishschool.org
4 4 – a Mrs. Shelley Speranzini mrssperanzini@stfparishschool.org
4 4 – b Miss Stephanie Halle misshalle@stfparishschool.org
5 5 – a Mrs. Colleen Maglio mrsmaglio@stfparishschool.org
5 5 – b Ms. Kathleen Hancock mshancock@stfparishschool.org
6 6 – a Mr. Thomas Houghtaling mrhoughtaling@stfparishschool.org
6 6 – b Mr. Mark Moorhead mrmoorhead@stfparishschool.org
7 7 – a Ms. Mary Alice Getzinger msgetzinger@stfparishschool.org
7 7 – b Ms. Jacquelyn Miller mrsmiller@stfparishschool.org
8 8 – a Ms. Lauren Ignazio msignazio@stfparishschool.org
8 8 – b Mrs. Christina Friedl mrsfriedl@stfparishschool.org
Religion (8) Mrs. Kathy Ott knott@stfparishschool.org
Art (K-8) Mrs. Susie Ahbe mrsahbe@stfparishschool.org
Gym (K-8) Mrs. Carly Stanfield mrsstanfield@stfparishschool.org
Computer (K-8) Mrs. Sara Wyszynski mrswyszynski@stfparishschool.org
Spanish (3-8) Mrs. Carol Frye mrsfrye@stfparishschool.org
Music (K-8) Mrs. Colleen McVicker mrsmcvicker@stfparishschool.org
Literacy Specialist Mrs. Theresa Dougherty mrsdougherty@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mrs. Tammy Masters mrsmasters@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mrs. Gina Hardesty mrshardesty@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mr. Dan Golden mrgolden@stfparishschool.org
Aide Ms. Kim Wetzel mswetzel@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mrs. Janine Twigg mrstwigg@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mrs. Lori Szurgot mrsszurgot@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mrs. Sara Henry mrshenry@stfparishschool.org
Aide Mr. Jacob Szurgot mrszurgot@stfparishschool.org
Health Aide Mrs. Ruth Ilg mrsilg@stfparishschool.org
Secretary Mrs. Kara Lloyd mrslloyd@stfparishschool.org
Kitchen Mrs. Kathy Herrick mrsherrick@stfparishschool.org
Kitchen Mrs. Joanie Gilkey mrsgilkey@stfparishschool.org
Kitchen Mrs. Katie Kinsinger mrskinsinger@stfparishschool.org
Kitchen Mrs. Peggy Dolensky mrsdolensky@stfparishschool.org
Project Mgr Mr. Denny Ott mrott@stfparishschool.org
Custodian Mr. Kenny Green mrgreen@stfparishschool.org
Intervention Specialist Mrs. Kim Showalter mrsshowalter@stfparishschool.org
Auxiliary Secretary Mrs. Michelle Ivey mrsivey@stfparishschool.org
Speech/Language Pathologist Mrs. Kris Schreiber mrsschreiber@stfparishschool.org
Intervention Specialist (5-8) Mrs. Olivia Lanni mrslanni@stfparishschrool.org
Intervention Specialist (K-4) Mrs. Laurie Palmer mrspalmer@stfparishschool.org
Gifted Intervention Specialist Mrs. Mary Christoff mschristoff@stfparishschool.org
Guidance Counselor Ms. Jennifer Grimm msgrimm@stfparishschool.org
Psychologist Mrs. Carrie Willett mrswillett@stfparishschool.org
Administration Mrs. Julie Goshe mrsgoshe@stfparishschool.org