Simultaneous Learning

Students who choose to participate in Simultaneous Learning will be participating with their classmates in real time and will be able to communicate with their teacher. Teachers will have all necessary items for class loaded into your child’s Google Classroom so that the same materials being utilized for in-person learners can be accessed at home as well.

Please click the links below for a demonstration of Simultaneous Learning.  There are lessons for both the elementary and middle-school levels.  We hope that seeing Simultaneous Learning in action will assist your family in the decision whether to return to campus.  

Families should communicate with their homeroom teachers with any Simultaneous Learning needs and questions.

At this time we are not requiring that PS-2 students be expected to be Simultaneous Learners if sent home/called off with symptoms. Teachers in grades PS-2 will prepare activities for the time students will be out and have them available by the next day’s PM car rider line for parents to pick up, or they will be sent home with a sibling. Students in grades 3-8 will have a grace period to be at home recovering from symptoms and then will be expected to be a simultaneous learner for extended absences.

(Updated September 28, 2020)


Primary Demonstration

Middle School Demonstration