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FORMS: Statement of Commitment

Please click below and review the school handbook with your students prior to signing this Statement of Commitment.

Parent_Student Handbook 2022-23

Note that you will need your students present to complete this form.


St. Francis de Sales, a Catholic Elementary School, is dedicated to providing a Catholic Education which strives to form each student to learn, believe, and soar to their individual potential. Through the mutual efforts of home and school, the total growth process of the student can be enhanced.

Please read this handbook carefully. Your child(ren) should also read and observe the policies presented here. The registration of your child(ren) here at St. Francis de Sales School is equivalent of your willingness to comply with all its regulations.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to call their child(ren)’s teacher(s) in all matters pertaining to academic development, social concerns, or disciplinary matters. The staff of St. Francis de Sales School is committed to assisting your child(ren) reach their spiritual and academic potential using their God given abilities.

Parents will be notified when their child(ren) is/are involved in situations where he/she has violated basic school rules and regulations.

By signing this agreement I/we am/are agreeing that I/we have read the  Parent/Student Handbook of St. Francis de Sales School over with my/our child(ren) and understand that our child(ren)’s registration at St. Francis de Sales School demonstrates our willingness to comply with the school’s regulations and policies.

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