Why St. Francis de Sales

Welcome to St. Francis de Sales School

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the Roman Catholic Faith and Salesian Spirituality, St. Francis de Sales Parish School has provided an outstanding, Christ-centered education for families in the Portage Lakes area for over half a century. St. Francis de Sales Parish School staff recognizes that each child is created in the image of God. Through innovative and individualized  instruction, weseek to train the intellect while integrating Christian values to equip our students with a faithfilled vision of life. This unique approach to education sets St. Francis de Sales Parish School apart from other schools.

Our approach fosters an environment of care and respect for all, assists our students to build positive relationships, instills a life-long love of learning, and encourages each student to use their God-given talents to live a life of faith and make the world a better place. St. Francis de Sales Parish School is truly a safe and nurturing place where students can Learn, Believe, and Soar.

The Mission
St. Francis de Sales Parish School is a Roman Catholic community founded in prayer and action, where we LEARN by, and BELIEVE in, living an authentic Christian life and SOAR through our commitment to academic excellence.
Belief Statements
with a focus on academic excellence, we believe that each student is challenged to be an independent, self-motivated steward of their own learning.

Rooting in catholic tradition & salesian spirituality, each student strives to live the gospel message.

Each student will SOAR by serving God and others, aspiring to be responsible community members, and respecting themselves.

We Learn

St. Francis de Sales Parish School knows the value of an excellent education is more important than ever. We offer a strong academic course of study permeated with the teachings of the Catholic faith that develops students’ analytical and creative thinking skills, cultivates students’ ability to communicate effectively, and prepares students to function in a highly technical world with a deeply human touch. Our engaging and knowledgeable faculty use innovative strategies to individualize instruction to meet each child at their current academic level and challenge them to achieve their best. Our entire community recognizes that diversity is a gift and each person is treated as a child of God. Whether our students are collaborating in the classroom, participating in a faith or
service opportunity, engaged with up-todate technology, or admiring God’s beauty in our outdoor learning lab, they are actively engaged in developing all the skills needed to be who God intended and be that well.

Areas of Study
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English/Language Arts
  • Reading
  • History/Social Studies
  • Phonics
  • Health
  • Spanish
  • Information Technology
  • Phys Ed
  • Art
  • Music
  • Library/Media Research
Falcon Facts
  • SMART board technology in all classrooms
  • iMac technology learning lab
  • Tablet technology (iPad, Chrome Books) available to all students
  • Newly renovated Library/Media Center v Individualized instruction and programming for students with special needs
  • Weekly enrichment instruction delivered for students identified as gifted in the areas of mathematics and reading
  • Students well prepared for public and private high schools
  • Graduates receive academic scholarships to local Catholic high schools each year
  • Graduates accepted at private and public colleges, universities, and academies across the nation and become leaders in their field

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working, in just the same way you learn to love by loving. – St. Francis de Sales

We Believe

St. Francis de Sales Parish School is deeply committed to help each child foster a personal friendship with God. We strive to give each student a strong knowledge of our Catholic faith to empower them to lead a faith-filled vision of life and service.

Through daily prayer, weekly school-wide Mass, daily religious instruction, sacramental preparation, opportunities for frequent reception of the Sacraments, and Christian service projects, we strive to make the word of God come alive for our students. We desire to learn and exemplify the spirituality of our Patron, St. Francis de Sales.

Falcon Faith
  • Our parish priests visit our classrooms weekly to participate in the religious instruction of our students
  • Our students performed over 2000 service hours in the past three years
  • Our students in grades 2 through 8 spend, on average, 18 hours in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during a school year
  • Weekly all-school Mass
  • Our students are immersed in daily prayer, daily religious instruction, Sacrament preparation, and frequent reception of the Sacraments
  • We have the St. George Chapel in our building for group and individual prayer
  • 26 of our graduates have chosen the vocations of priesthood and religious life
  • Currently have six men in formation in seminary and two women who have recently entered the monastery


 We Soar

wonka-playSt. Francis de Sales Parish School creates and sustains an environment that encourages students to develop an interior moral compass. Curricular and co-curricular programs offer a variety of opportunities for students to exercise Christian leadership and nurture human and spiritual growth. These ideals and leadership stay with our students long after they have walked our hallways.

Our CYO athletics are known for their well-coached teams and competitive sportsmanship that maximizes student fun, fundamentals, personal achievement, and spirituality. These co-curriculars, allow our students to realize the world beyond themselves and transform their everyday learning into acts of heart, mind, and world changing action.

  • Student Council
  • Drama Club
  • Band
  • Choir
  • CYO Athletics
  • Yearbook Club
  • Spirit Club
  • Christian Coffee House
  • Boys Scouts
  • Mass buddy program
  • Altar Servers
  • Safety City
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Math Counts
Falcon Fellowship
  • We offer CYO sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track, and also participate jointly with other parishes to field teams in other sports
  • We have developed a new Alma Mater and have Francis the Falcon as our school Mascot
  • Many of our students go on to compete at varsity levels and are leaders on their teams at both local public and private high schools
  • Our drama club has consistently put on outstanding student productions
  • Many of our students earn lead roles in their high school productions at both local public and private high schools
  • Our student organizations allow student leadership and collaboration and prepare students for high school leadership positions in similar clubs and groups




St. Francis de Sales Parish School adheres to the admission policy and curriculum of the Diocese of Cleveland. Admission inquiries are handled personally by the school Principal and Pastor. Enrollment and registration are held in March of each year. Kindergarten testing is held in April. Special arrangements for midyear transfer students can also be arranged. Families of students with special needs should contact our principal to see how we can serve you.

We welcome the opportunity to have you visit our parish school and talk to our faculty and staff. We offer multiple opportunities to experience and tour Saint Francis de Sales Parish School  including:

  • Personal visits
  • Student shadowing
  • Annual open house and preview breakfast held during Catholic Schools Week in January


St. Francis de Sales Parish School offers one of the lowest Catholic school tuition rates in Summit County. In addition to a convenient payment plan and tuition assistance, we extend affordable parish, cluster, and multiple child family rates. Tuition for each academic year is established prior to spring graduation for the upcoming fall enrollment and new academic year.

Financial Aid

private school akron ohioPSAS (Private School Aid Service) forms are available to families each January and due in March for 1st round awards and June for 2nd round awards. Completion of this form enables eligible  families to be considered for Diocesan Tuition Assistance (DTA). St. Francis de Sales Parish and Pastor are committed to financially assist any family who desires a Catholic Education but cannot  afford it. No child will be denied a Catholic education. We will make it work for your family.



Registration & Enrollment

Call our Principal, Miss Katie Buzzelli to enroll.  (330) 644-0638